Jilted 6 -Who Speaks for Me? Or Why the Church Needs Advocates

February 18, 2018

When leaders make mistakes and their lives fall apart, who is charged with the task of walking with them, learning their story, and speaking on their behalf? Most broken leaders must represent themselves. And since "only a fool represents himself," the end is predictable and excessively tragic. Where are the advocates?


Jilted 5 - What Do Wrecked People Need from the Church?

February 11, 2018

What do people who’ve wrecked their lives really need from the Church? How can the Church really help? Some things are easily identified—financial help, counseling, family support. The single most important thing, however, may not be so obvious, but without it, it's almost impossible for a disgraced person to recover a livable life.  


Jilted 4 - #Metoo and the Culture of Discarded Leaders

February 5, 2018

#Metoo versus the Disposable Celebrity? How do we navigate the rights of the accuser to be heard and the rights of the accused to due process?  What does Christianity say to victims and perpetrators of evil, about redemption, restoration, reconciliation? How does the Church subvert the Culture of Discarded Leaders?


The Spirit of Life 06 - The Spirit Promised to the Church

January 28, 2018

Jesus promised a share of his own Spirit would come upon the Church. This edition of the Homilies of St. Asinus begins the transition from the work of the Holy Spirit in times past to the Spirit's work in the life of the Church and the Believer by considering Jesus' promises in the Upper Room discourse of John 13-17.


Jilted 3 - I Didn’t See That Coming

January 22, 2018

You get to pick your choices...not your consequences. How do you deal with the unexpected consequences that come with a destructive choice? When the cost of the choice is so much higher than you could have every predicted? What do you do when your public image gets shredded?


Jilted 2 - It Hurts Worse When Churches Do It

January 14, 2018

Why must churches and Christian organizations "get rid of" people? And why does it feel like a betrayal of their mission when they do?  What does it mean when the church responds to a threat "like a business?" 


Jilted 1 - An Introduction

January 7, 2018

When leaders and communities get divorced.  A series of short reflections on the tragedy of separation that pastors, missionaries, staff, and their ministries experience when they have to part ways. While it speaks to any kind of separation, the series focuses on those times when the individual must leave because of their own bad choices…whatever those may have been. Admonition, comfort, and, most of all, perspective from one who’s been there.


The Spirit of Life 05 - The Spirit of Inspiration

January 2, 2018

How do divine thoughts become human speech? In what sense is the Holy Spirit an author of scripture? What about the human authors? Some reflections on the nature of the Spirit's work in the divine breathing-out of the scriptures.


The Spirit of Life 4 - The Spirit of Christ

December 1, 2017

What did Jesus Christ think of the Holy Spirit? What role did the Spirit play in the life and ministry of Jesus of Nazareth? What does a life lived completely "in the Spirit" look like? 


The Spirit of Life 3-The Spirit of Yahweh

November 1, 2017

An introduction to questions like: How is the Holy Spirit spoken of in the Old Testament? What was the Spirit doing back then? How did Ancient Israelites understand the Spirit of the Lord?