July 24, 2018

What has God promised us? What are we saved from and for? The Saintly Mule trots out an old sermon surveying the gains and losses of different visions of the end of the world, and what they might mean to Christians who live within them.

Jilted 12 - How a Lawn Ornament Can Save Your Life

July 8, 2018

Last episode in the Jilted series for now, the Holy Ass tells his most personal story yet about his journey with loss and redemption and answers the question “what’s up with the lawn ornament?”

Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Children. Seriously, Give Me Your Kid, Now!

July 1, 2018

Should children be incarcerated with parents? St. Asinus ponders whether an older a more historically American view of immigration might be worth considering. A humble reflection on a big and complicated issue.

Envying the Dead - A Clumsy Reflection on the Passing of Anthony Bourdain

June 11, 2018

With the untimely deaths of Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade, and others, the Saintly Mule reflects on his own flirtations with suicide and wonders aloud if we do not sometimes inadvertently make the living envy the dead.

Jilted 11 - To Stay or Go - The Choice You Still Get to Make

May 16, 2018

What happens to the spouse of the church leader who blows everything up? They suffer all the consequences but get little of the attention. What are they to do? Continuing his homily from I Peter 2-3, the Saintly Mule probes the options available to the forgotten spouse—Should they Stay or Go?

Jilted 10 - Rocks and Hard Places or When Trapped in Ministry

April 29, 2018

Too hurt to move; too hurt to stay. How do we respond when trapped in a situation we cannot control? What choice remains when we feel like we have no choice? The Holy Ass reflects on St. Peter’s unusual invitation to those trapped in grisly situations - Lean into it!

Jilted 9 - Hearing the Bullet or When You’re Waiting for Life to Fall Apart

March 25, 2018

Are you standing on the edge? Are you close to an addictive, depressive, or obsessive choice destroying your life? Don’t feel like you can stop it? St. Asinus offers a somber warning and a little advice to those who can hear the bullet coming.

Jilted 8 - Sorry, Not Sorry or When are Repentance and Forgiveness Real?

March 18, 2018

How do you know that someone has really repented? How do you know that someone has truly forgiven you? Which is supposed to happen first? What’s supposed to happen after? The Saintly Mule considers the meaning of repentance and forgiveness, what they really look like, and what it means to for victims and perpetrators to move toward reconciliation.

The Spirit of Life 07 - The Spirit of Sanctification

March 4, 2018

What is the Holy Spirit trying to accomplish in us? What is the Spirit’s agenda? Is it a great mystery or can it be clearly understood? God has a wonderful plan for your life, and the Saintly Ass is here to tell you what it is.

Jilted 7 - What about all those people I hurt? or Living with Guilt

February 25, 2018

How do you deal with the guilt of having hurt others? How do you go forward in life with that heavy weight sitting on your conscience? What can be done…what can’t? Does the gospel have anything to say to the person who feels crushing shame for pain they’ve caused in their past?